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In recent times it’s become incredibly apparent that being online is one of the necessities of modern day life. Websites are now one of the best ways of showing off ones business or group to a large group at very cost effective rates in comparison to other forms of advertising and media outlets. BUT with so many people scrabbling to get online, some awful websites have sprung up. So it is our goal (starting small) to get Wadebridge Online and looking sexy!

It Started like this…

After having a stroll around town on the usual Saturday pasty run, I clocked over 30 businesses with major shop fronts throughout Wadebridge town, that either have no, or completely unusable websites. It was on that day that I decided to help my neighbours and fellow Cornish entrepreneurs get an online presence that follows with the business’ image, and actually becomes an money making asset to the business.

A good example of how a website can seriously make a difference is Granny Wobbly’s Fudge shop based in Tintagel, Wadebridge and now In Bude! Chatting with Dom Reynolds, soon to be manager of the new shop in Bude, he said that over the past few weeks, (this was in Febuary) Granny Wobbly’s  managed to cover all operating costs of the shops, staff and all, PURELY by online sales and this is usually the hardest month of the year!  The sites follow the design and feel of their outlets really making the customer feel as if they are back in the friendly little shops. Their site,  is majorly cool at proving my point that getting online isn’t all about getting a Yell page and a Facebook profile, as an online shop, setup with something like Etsy, can quite often be a good way to test the water in the online life.

Granny Woblys

I always get really passionate about a client’s business especially if they have physical products to sell, as with some playful WordPress craft, I can create an online shop that is to the budget, profitable and easy to maintain.

So if you’re in the Wadebridge area and looking to get online, before you do anything, have a chat with me as I have some tips that might be useful before you start spending hours on Twitter, or Sign Up to God Awful I-page (seriously, avoid them like a cheap kebab), and we can then start to rave about the most beautiful online town in the UK!