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Benny Goodman came to us with a way of consolidating all of his current online content into one place.

Over the years, he has produced many, very interesting and specialist Blog posts, Academic papers, Books, Talks and Articles on the issues of Health, Sustainabilty, Climate change and Mental health within health care.

We started from scratch with this project and produced all of the colour scheme, branding, and structure.

For we worked on and produced;


  • Site branding
  • Domain Setup
  • Hosting
  • Image design and customisation
  • Favicon Design and installation
  • Site Design and setup
  • WordPress Tutorial
  • External plugin integration
  • On going support
  • Custom Icons
  • Tumblr Blog Importing
  • RSS Feed Setup
  • Facebook & Twitter Intergration

Find his site at

If you would like a custom icon set, logo design, graphic design or website design services, contact