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Chapel An Gansblydhen is the J.D Weatherspoon pub of Bodmin.

Since it’s opening in 2008, the pub has become a social presence and watering hole for the town of Bodmin,providing low priced drinks for the town’s locals.

Rob Liddicoat is the manager of Bodmin Weatherspoons with a driving desire to bring the grand social presence of the town’s pub, into the online realm.

His dream of getting a great social media presence, has been magicked into reality through our services.

After crafting a simple and clean logo for the online media presence, we went on to produce both the Facebook, and Twitter designs.

We crafted a number of different Cover photos for the Pub’s Facebook page using photo’s from our photography shoot.

The Twitter design as with all social media design, needs to portray the business at a human level.

If you would like Social Media Design, or any of our other services, we’re only nextdoor via email!


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