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Giel Speirings and his family moved from Holland in 1998 to start a family run farm, and began to produce high quality milk. However, in recent times, milk prices have dropped leaving the family to look at other avenues for an income. Giel has always had an interest in producing Gouda, and since mid 2012, has been producing these fine cheeses commercially.

20 year old Giel has been excelling with his business with endorsement and interest from both the BBC and Prime Minister David Cameron.

He came to Dodo Designers to update his website and drastically improve his on line presence. We have not only turned his website around, but have also improved his Facebook and Twitter designs, really giving him the professional look to excel in his virtual world too.

Giel really enjoys the interaction between him and his customers so the Blog and social networking areas of the website are integral to his business and personal agendas.

We are heavily involved in Giels website so updates will ensure that his website stays fresh and professional.

Cornish Gouda Site

For CornishGouda we worked on and produced;


  • Site branding
  • Domain Setup
  • Hosting
  • Photography Services
  • Facebook Page Setup and Custom Design
  • Twitter Setup and Custom Design
  • Image design and customisation
  • Email Address Setup
  • Favicon Design and installation
  • Site Design and setup
  • WordPress Tutorial
  • External plugin integration
  • On going support


The design is open to e-commerce setup in the future, as Giel has requested that on line purchasing would be a great future plan.

Find his site at

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