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Designer and founder Jon Bennallick, created a simple personal blog, to share designs, logos and information flowing within the design world.

His blog recieves regular traffic, just from blogging about subjects within the design world. He also supplies FREE social media icons and logos in Vector format that can be used on your own sites.

Within Dodo Designers, Jon creates all the vector graphics for both ourselves and our client’s sites.

He is also the designer responsible for all of our client’s logos.

It’s a simple site design, based around the Free WordPress 2012 Template, that in his own opinion “is one of the greatest blogging themes”.

For this project we performed;

  • Logo Design
  • Site branding
  • Domain Setup
  • Hosting
  • Image design and customisation
  • Email Address Setup
  • Favicon Design and installation
  • Site Design and setup
  • External plugin integration

View his site at

If you would like a custom icon set, logo design, graphic design or website design services, contact