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“I love nothing better than finding a beautiful vintage fabric and knowing what I will make out of it before I have even bought it. Then racing home to whiz it up on my sewing machine.” says Tara Hawken.

Tara Hawken is the owner and founder of The Polkadot Caravan, creators of fine, stitched crafts and wonderfully unique jewelery.

She came to us to start to make her part-time hobby a full time profession. She has an Etsy shop integration on her site, giving her the ability to display all of her products from her Etsy store on her own custom website.

  • Etsy Store Setup and site integration
  • Logo Design
  • Site branding
  • Domain Setup
  • Hosting
  • Custom Buttons
  • Email Address Setup
  • Favicon Design and installation
  • Site Design and setup
  • Facebook and Twitter Setup and Design
  • WordPress Tutorial
  • External plugin integration
  • On going support

The design is open to e-commerce setup in the future, should the need arise.

Find her site at


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