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Good day to you all.

Below is a selection of social networking icons from our designers Jon Bennallick, owner of

All of these Icons are 125px x 125px, along with transparent backgrounds to allow for easy site integration.

Pinterest is quickly becoming the most effective social networking tool for driving traffic to items to purchase as studies have shown that most people use Pinterest with the quest of searching for the perfect purchase. The best thing about Pinterest, is that it’s fun to use and a pleasure to explore of the awesome design, art or general images that get flung around the Pinterest wall.

Twitter is already a big player on the social networking field, with over 500 Million users it hosts as a banquet to anyone interested in anything, from anywhere. It REALLY IS THAT POWERFUL. In fact Google “The Twitchhiker” and you’ll see what I mean. It’s great for sharing little snippets of info that interests you, along with reaching large audiences with relative ease.

Facebook is the granddaddy of all social networking sites. It’s great to get an online presence and still holds users on its site, longer than any other social networking sites, BUT it’s starting to lag. After being thrown onto the stock market, it’s been suffering a little, but she’s still cruising along, offering its commercial users a great platform to place advertising or promotions.

YouTube is the video hotspot of the internet. If you have a video of a cat riding a russian homemade tractor into a volcano, YouTube is the place to get your funtastic video into as many computers as there are people. But it also has its other uses for displaying work projects, current offers, general product advice and much more. After being purchased by Google, YouTube has made it even easier to advertise on videos. Just dig around for research and you’ll find some useful tips around about how to make the most on YouTube, and all the other social networks.

Social Networking is all about contribution and conversation, so the more you perform those acts, the nicer the networks will treat you.

These icons are custom-made for displaying variable size icons, either SUPER large or tiny.

Jon is always uploading more icons, logos and more, so keep your eyes open on his site for updates on branding and more.

The blog is gaining speed and updates will become a daily affair, so keep watching.