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It’s on…

Today is the day! 4G is finally being launched by EE (Everything Everywhere) in a selection of cities around here in the UK. After alot of fuss from the competing companies who won’t be live until next year, we now have a mobile network that can offer speeds of upto 40mbps! The “minimum speed for 4G is 2mbps, which is already twice the speed of the Dodo Designers internet connection. So this is a fantastic advancement.

So how does this new speed change the way one operates in the UK?

Well, being a strong supporter of mobile working and virtual offices, 4G really opens up the flood gates to ideas on where we can work, and how we can work. Instead of being tetherd to the £40 per month landline speed of 2mbps at the office, a mobile connection can do 15mbps with ease, from any 4G location giving you the freedom to travel without the worry that your, dropbox is not accesible or that you can’t view that crucial presentation.

4G speeds can also offer the chance to create new businesses built around the fast download speeds. Videos on the move, more complex website desgin, with stockier file sizes, the list is endless!

How would 4G effect your business?

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